Brand in the spotlight: Rock Your World - the place for your wellbeing

Brand in the spotlight: Rock Your World - the place for your wellbeing

In the fast-changing world of today, finding time for self-care and wellbeing is essential. At Serious Sugar, we are excited to spotlight a brand that understands this: Rock Your World. RYW makes self-care more accessible by gathering sustainable wellness tools and valuable knowledge in one place, making your journey to wellbeing easier. This brand stands for connection, nature, and wellbeing.

Rock Your World's journey to wellness

The story of Rock Your World begins with Hanneke, who discovered the power of self-care during her studies to become an Ayurvedic therapist. This knowledge helped her feel strong and energetic, both mentally and physically. Together with her partner Clint, she transforms this wisdom into accessible products for everyone. RYW offers wellness tools such as sprays, journals, and workshops to bring more feel-good moments into your life.

Calming Pillow Spray: sleep spray

Calming Pillow Spray: sleep spray

Natural wisdom in your life

RYW's products are rooted in Ayurveda, a science based on the rhythms and laws of nature. This means that every Rock Your World product brings a piece of natural wisdom into your busy life. From 'The Journal,' which provides insights into Ayurveda and routines, to essential oil blends, each product is designed to help you connect with your true nature.

Feel good, be great

Rock Your World's mission is to make wellbeing effortless. Their products and knowledge in the fields of beauty, children, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, sleep, home, aromatherapy, and superfoods support you in taking care of yourself, your surroundings, and the world.

Be Zen Spray: de-stress and reset

ROCK YOUR WORLD  Be Zen Spray: de-stress and reset

Local and honest

What we also LOVE about this brand is that RYW's products are made as locally as possible. All involved small-scale projects and entrepreneurs work honestly, locally, and sustainably.


RYW's sprays use essential oils that are 100% natural, vegan, and pure. These oils, made from herbs, plants, and flowers, are natural powerhouses that subtly influence your sense of wellbeing. A scent from RYW helps you be in the moment, breathe better, slow your heart rate, and relax – this is the power of nature.

Discover the world of Rock Your World at Serious Sugar and add a touch of natural wisdom to your daily routine. Feel good, be great with Rock Your World.