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Be Love Spray: self love and confidence

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100% natural essential oil blend for increasing self love and confidence. Use as an aura or cream spray. Infused with rose quartz. The Be Love spray contains rosewood, geranium, bergamot, lavender, rose and mimosa and smells floral and of love. The scent brings peace and emotional balance. Use in a room or spray around you for small and loving moments of rest. More ways to use the Be Love - spray: - for your (yin) yoga or meditation practice to connect with feminine energy and activate the heart - during pregnancy to make contact with your baby and more inner peace and confidence in find yourself - in the nursery for rest and relieve sadness - before going to sleep to calm your mind 50ml
Be Love Spray: self love and confidence
Be Love Spray: self love and confidence
Be Love Spray: self love and confidence
Be Love Spray: self love and confidence
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