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Full Moon Diffuser Oil Blend

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Essential Oil Blend | Full Moon The full moon phase symbolizes the end of a cycle, a time when energy is high and feelings reach a peak. In collaboration with Maan fans and Holistik founders Karlijn & Evelyn we put together this special essential oil blend. The sultry combination of ylang ylang, rose, mandarin and lavender strengthens your feminine energy and opens the heart chakra so that emotions such as anger, fear and concern can be released and more space is created for inner peace and self love. Use the oil blend daily until the new moon to support you in the process of letting go and healing. You use the oil blend in a diffuser, mixed with a basic oil in the bath, on a cotton ball that you carry with you or add a few drops of oil to a bowl of hot water that you put on the heating. The oil blend lasts a long time, you only use a few drops of oil at a time. Listen to this Podcast for more info.
Full Moon Diffuser Oil Blend
Full Moon Diffuser Oil Blend
Full Moon Diffuser Oil Blend
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